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Welding Manipulator
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Welding Positioner
self-centering welding chuck
Welding Special Equipment
Edge/Face-Milling Machine
CNC Cutter
Beam Steel Production Line
Shot Blasting Machine
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      Customer acceptance of integrated business consulting, to provide customers with technical support; acceptance, coordination, handling customer complaints and solve difficult customer problems; take the initiative to communicate with customers, contacts, understanding customer's feelings and needs, and timely customer feedback to the relevant administrative departments and the production sector and properly addressed.

      If you have any questions about our products and demand for our services or have any comments and suggestions, please feel free to communicate with us, we will be hard work and dedication to serve you. Your satisfaction is our service aim, the company's joint development with customers is our persistent pursuit.

      In the future, customer service center will be warm and caring customer service with the brilliant casting.

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      Sales Hotline: +86-510-83569163
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      Fax: +86-510-83569223
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