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 Welding Manipulator >> automatic welding center

¡òAccording to the end weight loading,the welding manipulator has many types:light duty type(LHQ),medium duty (LHZ),heavy duty(LHW),and super heavy duty(HCJ).
¡òSstructure:sationary,stationary and revolve,moving and revolve.
¡òCross-section of boom and column is calculated scientifically.Drooping of boom along horizontal travel is 2mm/m.
¡òBoom lifting device has anti-falling device,of ratchrt structure,safe and reliable.
¡òBoom end has cross-slides,which can be controlled thru manual pendant.
¡òControl rooler has eccentric shaft,which can decrease clearance between roller and rail.
¡òColumn revolve unit has motor-driven and manual drive.
¡òControl unit includes control board and pendant,interface with positioner and turning rolls also prepared.

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